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Clear Aligners in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Straighten Your Teeth Confidently in Fort Lauderdale with Clear Aligners

Did you know there is now a discreet, comfortable way to straighten teeth right here in Fort Lauderdale? With clear aligners, patients can transform their smile without the inconvenience of traditional metal braces.

An Introduction to Clear Aligners

As a leading orthodontic practice in Fort Lauderdale, we completely understand the importance of feeling confident in your appearance. For years, removable aligners like Invisalign have given patients an alternative to braces that allows for subtle, effective treatment they can remove for eating, drinking, and cleaning.  With clear aligners, straightening your smile is easier than ever right here in Fort Lauderdale.

Take the First Step Toward a Perfect Smile!

If you’ve wanted straighter teeth but been reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment due to concerns over comfort or self-consciousness about metal wires, it may be time to consider clear aligners from our practice. We are experts in using the latest in clear aligner technology to subtly shift teeth into their ideal positions over time through a series of nearly invisible plastic trays worn for just a few hours each day. 

Don’t let crooked teeth or an imperfect smile hold you back any longer. With our clear aligners, you can begin your journey to a radiant smile right from the comfort of your home. They are affordable, comfortable, and, most importantly, effective. Say goodbye to traditional braces and hello to a modern, convenient solution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions -
Clear Aligners

Have Questions? Need Answers?

At Paradise Dental Studio, we’re always here to clarify and guide. Never hesitate to ask; your Dental Health is our top priority!

  • What are clear aligners, and how do they work?

    Clear aligners are orthodontic devices made of transparent, plastic material designed to straighten teeth. They work by applying consistent pressure to teeth to move them into the desired position gradually. Each aligner is slightly different, moving the teeth incrementally until the desired alignment is achieved.

  • How long does treatment with clear aligners take?

    The duration of treatment with clear aligners varies depending on the individual’s orthodontic needs. Typically, treatment can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. However, minor corrections may be shorter, and more complex cases may require a longer duration.

  • Are clear aligners painful?

    While clear aligners are generally less painful than traditional braces, some discomfort is common, especially when switching to a new set of aligners. This discomfort usually subsides within a few days as the teeth adjust to the new aligner.

  • Can I eat and drink while wearing clear aligners?

    It is recommended to remove clear aligners while eating or drinking anything other than water. This prevents damage to the aligners and maintains oral hygiene, as food particles and drinks can get trapped and cause cavities or stains.

  • How do I care for my clear aligners?

    Clear aligners should be cleaned regularly. Rinse them under lukewarm water and brush them gently with a soft toothbrush. Avoid using hot water or abrasive toothpaste, as these can warp or scratch the aligners. Maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth before reinserting the aligners is also important.