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Dental Onlays & Inlays in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Transform Your Dental Health with Precision Onlays & Inlays

Acting as silent protectors, dental onlays and inlays reinforce tooth structure, preserve your natural tooth, and restore functionality, all while seamlessly matching your natural tooth color. An understanding of these unsung dental heroes not only illuminates their value but also spotlights the nuanced world of dental restorations.

What Are A Dental Onlays & Inlays?

In the realm of restorative dentistry, inlays and onlays hold a unique status. They are not as common as crowns or fillings, yet their importance in dental restoration cannot be overstated.  Often termed as ‘indirect fillings’, these tailor-made solutions provide a perfect middle ground, ideal for teeth that require more than a filling but aren’t damaged enough to need a crown. 

Onlay Vs. Dental Crowns? Which One Is Better For Me?

When deciding between an onlay and a dental crown, the choice largely depends on the extent of tooth damage and the specific condition of your tooth. Both options have their unique advantages and are suited for different dental situations. Here’s a comparison to help you understand which might be better for you:

Dental Onlays

  1. Extent of Repair: Onlays are ideal for teeth that have significant decay or damage but do not require the full coverage of a crown. They are used when the damage is too extensive for a filling but not severe enough for a crown.
  2. Tooth Preservation: Onlays are more conservative than crowns, as less tooth structure needs to be removed to fit them. This is beneficial for the long-term health of your tooth.
  3. Strength and Durability: Onlays are known to strengthen a weakened tooth and can be quite durable.
  4. Aesthetics: Onlays can be made to closely match your natural tooth color.

Dental Crowns

  1. Extent of Repair: Crowns are used when a tooth is extensively damaged or decayed and requires more comprehensive coverage. They are ideal for teeth that have undergone root canal therapy or have very little structure left.
  2. Protection: Crowns cover the entire tooth, providing strong protection and structural support to a tooth that is significantly weakened or compromised.
  3. Durability: Crowns are very durable and can handle the biting and chewing forces well, especially when made from materials like porcelain or metal alloys.
  4. Aesthetics: Like onlays, crowns can be made to match the color of your natural teeth, although they cover more of the tooth.

Choosing the Best Option for You

  • Dental Assessment: Your dentist will evaluate the extent of damage or decay on your tooth to determine the most appropriate treatment. Factors like the amount of remaining tooth structure, location of the tooth, and functional requirements will be considered.
  • Personal Preferences and Needs: Your personal preferences regarding aesthetics, budget, and long-term dental health goals will also play a role in the decision.
  • Cost and Insurance Coverage: The cost can vary between the two, and insurance coverage might differ as well. It’s essential to consider these financial aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions -
Dental Onlays & Inlays

Have Questions? Need Answers?

At Paradise Dental Studio, we’re always here to clarify and guide. Never hesitate to ask; your Dental Health is our top priority!

  • How long do onlays last?

    Onlays have a lifespan of about 10-30 years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Do onlays require special care?

    No, onlays can be treated like your natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are recommended.

  • Can onlays be used for front teeth?

    Yes, porcelain onlays can be matched to the natural color and shape of your front teeth for a discreet restoration.

  • Are there any alternatives to onlays?

    Yes, depending on your specific dental needs, crowns or fillings may also be suitable options. Your dentist will discuss the best treatment plan for you.